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Welcome To : Music School of Delhi


The Music School Of Delhi is one of the India’s greatest and most renowned music institution which was started in the year of 2003. We are fully committed to nurture and support the budding musicians to make them professionals of the music industry . And it has been more than a decade since when we started training students at our music academy which has really proved to be of great assistance to them . Our music school has always stood in support of the statement that everyone is capable of learning music and reaching great heights with their efforts . We focus on wholesome development of our students as a perfect music composer and performer . Access our state of the art facility and give your musical career a necessary boost to reach the peak of success . We have a very important role in producing the current music legends and we are looking forward and putting our efforts for doing the same in the future . We provide the best music education in India which is in par with the international scenario . We make it very clear that each of our candidate reach their full potential and with our help it has been proved to be vital for the same . Have an unique music learning experience with our very experienced music faculty and perfect learning ambience . Our music department has always been very eager to enroll the most enthusiastic of music learners and they are put through a very organised method of teaching in our best music classes in Delhi . And the past decade has been very fruitful for our music school and in this duration we have been successfully able to teach and guide numerous beginner musicians to be legend of our times at the best music academy in Delhi. Join our specialised music courses for the bright future of yours ahead in the Indian music industry and our best music counsellors in Delhi will guide you on this success journey .

  • Vibha Sharma
    Vibha Sharma
    The feeling of being part of such a great musical family n with a lovely mentor is beyond all the explanations. Best teacher,mentor ,environment n also one get's to experience the aura n spirituality of true music.
  • Karan Sharma
    Karan Sharma
    Wanna be a Musician?? A singer ?? Well then Your wait is over..Music School Of here..Such A wonderful Place to be in for learning Music.. Amazing Environment..Best Place anyone Can Come across For Learning Music..  
  • Ajeet Choudhry
    Ajeet Choudhry
    if u want to go the way of success then u have to join this academy,because in here lot of collection of experienced teachers and student who help u how to touch the success line...
  • Dhruv Chawla
    Dhruv Chawla
    Have been a part of this academy since the last year, really got to learn alot... Family like environment, every one is so friendly and the teacher are really very experienced in their field.I love it over here


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We make Artist...

We at Music School Of Delhi has always been the the top keyboard academy in Delhi . Join the best keyboard tutorials in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi . Get the best keyboard lessons in Delhi from Trinity school of music , London certified best keyboard classes in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi . The Music School Of Delhi is the place where best keyboard classes in Delhi is provided focusing interest every candidate of ours . Come and join the no.1 keyboard classes in Delhi and start learning keyboard at Music School Of Delhi . The keyboard lessons at Music School Of Delhi is the best in whole of Delhi . Begin your keyboard learning trip and join the line of greatest musical legends of country by learning at the top keyboard school in Delhi . Join the best keyboard tutorials in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi.
We at Music School have consistently been working very hard to stay at the top and ours is the best singing academy in Delhi . Our years of experience and teaching method has made us transform into the no.1 singing academy in Delhi . Our vocal teachers have years of experience which combined with their expertise makes them provide the best singing lessons in Delhi . Our focus stays on each and every of our student who come at our best singing institute in Delhi to take best vocal classes in Delhi . The Music School of Delhi is best place to learn art of Hindustani shastriya sangeet in Delhi . We at the best bollywood singing school in Delhi has always strived hard to provide best voice modulation course in Delhi . Alongwith live singing we also teach our students the method of recording songs in Delhi through practical methods . Be sure to join the best Indian classical singing classes in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi and alongwith it you will also be given the best vocal training in Delhi . Take this opportunity to avail the top singing course in Delhi . Our singing lessons can also be accessed through online methods too and it will perfect for those candidates who are unable to join our regular classes at the top singing academy in Delhi .
Add a new skill to your life and widen your horizons by joining our guitar classes which is best in Delhi and success of our alumnis as established professional guitarist is proof of the same . Take the best guitar training in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi . Our guitar institute is best in Delhi to learn electric guitar . The Music School Of Delhi is considered to be the mecca of Guitar players and our trend setting contribution to the music industry proves it to be just right . The Music School Of Delhi is best guitar institute in Delhi and we have been certified by Trinity school of music , London for giving lessons in western classical form of music . Our guitar academy is no.1 in Delhi and rock , pop , jazz and blues are some of the western forms of music music that we train our students in and we have alson been certified by Rock school of music, London . Avail the best acoustic guitar training in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi . Become a lead guitarist by taking lessons at best classical guitar academy in Delhi . Learn to become a professional guitarist under our top guitar faculty in Delhi . The Music School Of Delhi is the best acoustic guitar school where the guitar teachers have worked hard since more than a decade to make it the acoustic guitar institute in Delhi . Choose from our no.1 guitar courses in Delhi and become proficient enough in field of music to start your band .
Take the best piano classes in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi and learn to become a professional pianist . Join the best piano school in Delhi to let yourself learn a new skill and that too of a western classical music form . The piano courses at Music School Of Delhi is designed such that learner of every age can easily grab the lessons . The Music School Of Delhi is the best piano academy in Delhi as we have always kept the performance of our students on top of our priority .The Music School Of Delhi is the palce where best piano lessons are provided in the easiest of manner possible . We at Music School Of Delhi have marched ahead on our goal to improve the instrument playing skills of our students . Now wait no more and grab the opportunity of learning piano at Delhi’s top piano school where piano classes are run in a way where every student gets personalised attention from the best piano teachers of Delhi . Our piano academy has been certified by the Trinity school of music , London and our student gets the benefit of learning world class western music near their home here in Delhi . Also Music School Of Delhi specialises in providing online piano classes so now anyone can learn to play piano . Music School Of Delhi is the place where you can access the best piano tutorials in Delhi , so join our music courses and work towards your success .

You can choose according to your proficiency the beginner course and intermediate course in various music instrument ( Guitar,Piano,Tabla) and our Vocal Singing courses at the best music institute in Delhi . Our courses are primarily focused on building you as a professional artist which is the primary goal of ours at this best music classes in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi. We also provide our students with workshops which are held very often and builds their confidence with making them aware of essential set of skills required for the right kind of learning experience . We at Music School Of Delhi introduce our students to diverse form of singing styles and we are the one of best music school to provide this kind of training in Delhi . It has been one of our main focus to introduce the learners at this best music institute in Delhi to outstanding opportunities in music, simultaneously making them an artist to be celebrated internationally . Come to the best guitar school in Delhi to take advantage of our best guitar teachers in Delhi . Enhance your musical skills with the help of best music teachers in Delhi at our best music academy in Delhi .Alongwith the training in playing music instruments , singing , music production we also guide our students in songwring process alongside helping our students in composing their own musical pieces and making background scores . We help and provide every music learner a catalytic experience which helps in making sure that their efforts take them places . We proudly proclaim to be the best music educator in Delhi and our method of teaching music studies has been really praised wholeover in India .
Our musical training are world class and top of the order and yet very simple and smooth for our students to grab the lessons we provide . The guitar coaching is best and world class in Delhi at Music School Of Delhi . Also the live performances for our students are organised time to time to give them a wider exposure . Through live performance which are are solo,duet and group performances our primary focus is giving our students as much experience as they can grab . Have benefit of the best music therapy in Delhi . Besides teaching theoretical and practical side of music, teachers at our best music school in Delhi organise fun music learning activities to enhance your skills and abilities at this best Piano Classes in Delhi . The music production department at our best music production classes in Delhi specialises in teaching the modern techniques and prowesses realted to arranging a music track . Our music syllabus are designed to enhance your musical knowledge and make you confident enough of becoming an established artist. Take the best Guitar lessons in Delhi to have a professional approach to your instrument playing . Our music teachers have formed ensembles of our students to give them a wider experience of performing whether be it singing , playing guitar and piano .
The music production courses at Music School Of Delhi is designed such that every student at our music academy can be proficient in arranging and composing a song . The method of teaching music production is very simplified one and Music School Of Delhi is the best music production school in Delhi . We follow the tutoring procedure which makes sure to produce bonafide music producers who follow their genre of interest and create genuine music tracks . The Music School Of Delhi is the best place to learn mixing , mastering of a song track and sound engineering in Delhi . Our music production faculty consists of very experienced tutors who are the themselves the pioneers of modern music scenario in India . You will surely get benefitted by our world class recording studio and our arrangement and top of the class techniques which will be very useful for you once you have invested and indulged yourself into the music industry . For best music production lessons be sure to join Music School of delhi . Join one of our best music production courses in Delhi and make your dream success into reality . Join the best electronic music production classes in Delhi . Music School Of Delhi will be perfect for you if you want to join the best professional music production classes .
If you are interested in learning to play keyboard then Music School Of Delhi is the place where you should come to which is the best keyboard institute in Delhi . Now get the benefit of learning from the best keyboard teachers of Delhi at Music School Of Delhi .